NYC (english version)

Last weekend we went to NYC. I’m still amazed! NYC is sooo inspiring! No other city can be compared to it, to me it seems that everyone there is amazingly smart and terribly successful.

Restaurants in the City are among the best ones in the world, their people are among the best in the world, its street fashion is admirable and their universities are really competitive. I would love to do a Master or PhD some day at the NYU….I admire Professor Marion Nestle, if you have a chance I recommend you to have a look at her blog Food Politics.

On Friday noon we install ourselves in an amazing hotel called Hotel on Rivington. The views of NYC from their rooms are priceless. Moreover, it is located at the Lower East Side, which I love, it is super trendy, lots of different and fantastic restaurants, beautiful shops of any kind and I just love how people dress here, stylish in a laid-back way and with vintage touches. It’s not posh at all, it’s just a neighborhood full of creativity and inspiration in every aspect, food, cloth, hotels, furniture (a lot of antique and vintage shops!)…

Our first meal in NYC couldn’t be other than at ‘Inoteca. We discovered this place 2 years ago when we also stayed at Hotel on Rivington and ‘Inoteca is just across the street. Let me tell you, that I had a crush on their beetroot salad with orange, mint, parmesan and hazelnuts 2 years ago, and since then I’ve been doing this salad at home many many times. So I was willing to taste it again at the restaurant and, yes, it tasted as good as I remembered.

It’s true that being in NYC allows you to experience whatever culture you desire. For instance, on Friday night we had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant called Nyonya, somewhere between Little Italy and China Town. It is considered one of the best malaysians restaurants in the city. The food was delicious and whatsmore, it was really cheap!

On Saturday we walked from our hotel, Hotel on Rivington to Chelsea where we met a couple of friends for brunch. The brunch was good! I had some eggs benedict and Philipp had an egg sandwich and we had an amazing time with this friends, who we met in The Himalayas one year ago during our honeymoon. One day I will post about India and The Himalayas, because it was a great experience.

After the brunch they showed us Cocoa V, a vegan chocolate boutique and wine cafe, as they describe it in their website. I love the idea that they just use fair trade chocolate, well done. Of course, we tried some vegan bonbons. Delicious!

We had such an amazing weather that we decided to walk all the way back to the hotel, stoping at the very different shops that each neighborhood has to offer and when we arrived to our hotel room we were lucky to be in time to watch the sunset.

Saturday evening we headed out to Freemans, located in Lower East Side, at the end of Freemans alley. You can not book a table at Freemans, so we had to waited for 1,5 hours. It was ok, though, we waited at the bar with a magnificient cocktail and a good conversation. What you got to know about food here, as I learned from other blogs, is that their signature starter is an artichoke dip with toasted bread. And that the meat is good. I’m not that into red meat, so I had the Herb Roasted Goffle Road Farms Chicken. As I learned afterwards from their website, Goffle Road Farms, are in NJ and since the beginning has adhered to free range poultry methods, prohibiting any use of steroids, antibiotics or animal-by products in its operations. Well done, I certainly don’t appreciate eating antibiotics or steroids.

After dinner, we were invited by our indian – american friends to an indian birthday party. Let me tell you that we had such a wonderful time there! Everyone was so outgoing and nice to us, we’ve been writing emails with some of them already. Thank you very much for inviting us!

Sunday afternoon we bought some ice-creams at Il Laboratorio del Gelat. If you want a real fruit gelato, this is the place to go. The kitchen were they prepare the ice-creams is open and I saw them cutting the apples to make an ice-cream. If you want to enjoy a lower-calorie ice-cream you want to go for a sorbet instead of gelatos. To me, sorbets are more refreshing as well, and because I knew they used real food I could not resist to order one scoop of pear sorbet, one scoop of green grapes and one scoop of nectarine.  Enjoying our ice-creams we headed up to Central Park to one of its playgrounds, where the 2-year-old-son of friends of ours was having a superb time. It is so amazing the stories that kids create. I really enjoy it. You can suddenly be a fire-fighter and extinguish a huge fire and two minutes later you can be a pilot and travel to any part of the world.

Sunday night we went out to celebrate the birthday of one of our friends. We booked a table at EN Japanese Brasserie. I’m still dreaming of their warm hand-made tofu. I promise you it has nothing to do with the tofu you can buy at the supermarkets. Nothing. It can’t be compared at all. Now I know how tofu should taste and how the texture should be. I strongly recommend you to try it if you have a chance, even though if you think you don’t like tofu, I’m quite sure you would like and enjoy this one. I also had some steamed vegetables with a delicious sweet miso sause. Most of the vegetables were roots. So interesting and delicious! Really, steamed vegetables can be so delicious and not boring at all if you try different ones every time.

On Monday morning we had breakfast at a cute little place called The National Cafe on Rivington in the Lower East Side. Turkey and arugula sandwich and home-made granola with home-made yogurt and delicious strawberries.

After breakfast, we went walking throw Soho and we could say good-bye to Steve Jobs, as many other people had done before with post-its, at the Apple store close to Broadway.



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